February 25, 2015 Blog

There is a story behind every building and there is no difference with this one.

Everyone who has been in Waterford or lives in, has seen this building on the North side of the river down the quay – R & H Hall .

Some say its ugly,some say its part of the town’s look and some say nothing.

I have been passing it every single day for the past 7-8 years and every time I will think : it will be great to ‘feel’ it.

Don’t try to analyze my random, ( I like to think) creative and artistic mind, won’t help to understand me if you already don’t 🙂

And yes,I’m probably considered one of the weirdos who get amazed by urban 🙂

Anyhows, when Trevor came to me with the idea to recreate something from the past I was so ready for it.

His father used to work there and he had some stories on it. Which made our trip exactly what I wanted it to be – a dive into the past.

His mission was to get the right clothes and try to impersonate the Irish working class from the 70s, which is very difficult as Trevor is an usually very smiley guy.

But it’s you who will tell me if we managed to achieve it :))

R&H Hall was one of the major employers at the time. And I will be truly happy to hear some more stories about it,so dont hesitate and write it.

Designed by William Friel (n. d.) employing an innovative construction system developed by François Hennebique (1842 – 1921) in 1892, the warehouse was only the second such building erected in the island of Ireland (a contemporary building survives in Belfast). –This part is totally taken from the net.

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