Trip to New York

October 15, 2015 Blog

Trip to New York

If you know me, even a bit, you will know that I have a crush  – New York City.

And its been going on for a while now …

The first time that I’ve visited New York I was fascinated by everything – huge Fords, heat, city noise,smell,feeling of life on a high speed,salads,people on bikes in between yellow cabs,dirty China town,public chairs all around,parks and benches everywhere,Brooklyn bridge, skyline,ice cream and what an impressive amount of blisters I can get.

With time my crush transformed into love.

And,honestly, whats there not to love ?!

It’s the city where you can take a random selfie and it will look damn cool in black and white.

new york

The city where Einstein tells you the truth !

The city where I spend equal time looking down my way…


… and up.kq000640-ps

It’s the city where people know ”Love is a private property”.kq000310-2-2

… where Sunday markets are exhibit of random and multicultural.


The city of Grand Central.


It’s the city of random breaks with awesome views.


The city where strangers pass you by and you wonder where they go…


The city of numbers.



… where art is not always in a room or hall.


Shortly, its a city I love…



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